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Eat, Drink, Sleep and Be Merry in Tela

Tela is fast becoming the resort town of choice for vacationers seeking a place in the sun in the Honduran Caribbean. With its various options for entertainment and accommodations to complement its main offering of beaches and natural parks, you definitely will always have just the right place to eat, drink, sleep and be merry.


In Tela, tourists and locals alike have access to good restaurants that serve good Honduran food as well as a few international cuisines especially in the hotels. And speaking of Honduran food, you have to be prepared for an exciting fusion of indigenous cuisines with very liberal doses of African and Spanish influences. Also, you have to prepare your palate and stomach for coconut-infused foods in both savory and sweet dishes as Hondurans love their coconut. And since Tela is a seaside town, you can expect lots of seafood on the menu, from soups to salads to main dishes!


In Tela, the bars are many although you are well-advised to limit your drinks as you want to be able to go back to your hotel on sound mind and legs. After all, you want to enjoy every minute of your vacation instead of being passed out most of the time!

The most popular drink in the bars of Tela id the “Salva Vida” that, ironically, means life saver. You can buy it at a very cheap price although you must, again, drink in moderation. For a more refreshing drink in the daytime, there is always the chilled coconut to take the edge off of the hot weather. It’s available in most restaurants so you don’t have a problem in this respect.


Tela offers many options in accommodations from budget hostels to decent hotels. Just choose according to your budget and preferences although you can be sure that most will offer courteous service. The people of Tela have had practice in hospitality, after all! Depending on the hotel, amenities like pool and spa, dining area and bar, tennis courts and golf areas, water sports and beach activities are offered to guests. Of course, sleeping accommodations vary from one hotel to the next although air-conditioned rooms with ensuite bathrooms are standard for most high-end hotels in Tela.

Be Merry

There are disco pubs in Tela that offer live music and karaoke entertainment into the night. Latin songs, both the upbeat and the slow, are played although favorites seem to be the punta, meringue and cumbia, to name a few. You can expect Spanish singers to be very popular in these joints but since music is universal, there ought to be no problem dancing to the beat even when the same shuffle is used for all beats! Again, there are also bars and pubs in the hotels. At the very least, you don’t have to worry about going back, or more appropriately, stumbling back, a long way to your room on one too many beers!

Tela may be a small resort town but it does not lack for places to feast on Honduran cuisine, drink on fine wine and liquor, sleep in comfort and have fun in the night!

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  1. Justin Cook says:

    This looks great! I was looking for a cost-effective Central American destination to visit, and it looks like Tela is the place!


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